Burway Ryder on the Storm has qualified for the AKC National Agility Championships to be held in Reno, NV, March 26 -29,2015!Ryder has qualified for the AKC National Agility Championships!

 Welcome the newest member of our family….Chiville’s Shaman’s Blues!!

JJ on the set of "ZomBeavers"

JJ just wrapped 8 days of long and sometimes cold work on the set of “ZomBeavers”. It was shot on the beautiful Disney Golden Oak Ranch in Newhall, CA.

Burway Ryder on the Storm

 Burway Ryder on the Storm is taking the conformation ring by storm!

In UKC he has earned his Championship in just two shows and went Best in Multible Breed Show!

In his second AKC show he went Best in Show Miscellaneous which has earned him an invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships in Orlando, FL, in December!!

• Boxed In
JJ had a part in a short film, “Boxed In” directed by Christopher Wolfe. It premiered at the Detriot Film Festival on June 25th 2010.

 My 14 year old Pom, Tanu (pictured above), is prepping for her first movie role. She was in an American Express commercial a couple of years ago, but this is her first big role!

MACH 1o Harley Dude

 • The 2012 AKC National Championships were held in Reno, NV, March 30th thru April 1st. Very proud of my 11 year old Champ, there were 94 dogs competing at the 8″ jump height and Harley had four perfect clean runs to finish 34th!

MACH 10 Harley Dude will be heading to Tulsa, OK in March for the AKC National Agility Championships at the incredible age of 12!

Harley recently starred in a Crash the Superbowl ad.

 The boys finished a short film last month where they both got to be the hero. And the other film that JJ did last year is almost out of editing. His little face is still on the Nutro Max Mini Chunks dog food and biscuits and he also the face and scratcher for Comfortis, a flea medication.

Just went to the screening of Daughter of Fortune a wonderful USC student film featuring JJ!

 On May 14 JD, my Chihuahua and I flew to Jackson, MS to shoot a local political commercial. Little three pound JD had to run to the end of a chain and bark ferociously and then hush when he was disciplined. He performed perfectly!!! What a perfect little boy! JD on his skateboard:

 JD just finished a commercial shoot for a new flea product.

• Mojo, the JRT I was fostering for Russell Rescue that we wound up keeping is on page 101 of the June issue of Playboy with the very beautiful Claire Sinclair! Not bad for a very sweet little dog the some idiot abandoned and was about to be put to sleep! Yay for Mojo!! Here he is in the poppy fields photographed by Pam Marks from Pawprince Studios:

 “Guadalupe the Virgin” the feature film that my 15 year old Pom worked on is in post production, we have seen a trailer and the little old lady looks great.
Here is a painting of Tanu from the film:

My beautiful Harley Dude!

• JJ is still on the Nutro Max Mini Chunks Dog food bags and cookies.

 Pit Boss Season 3 will begin airing Saturday, January 5, 2013!! 

• This holiday season look for “Hercules Saves Christmas” starring Hercules from Animal Planet’s hit show “Pit Boss.” I was Hercules’ trainer for the movie.

• Here is Simon, my cat in his dressing room on the set of “The Cottage” starring David Arquette.

Simon recently starred in a short film “Life gets Better”.

Newer News

Harley is now MACH 10!

My new Rat Terrier, Bur-Way Ryder on the Storm is now a Champion in UKC!!

Champion Bur-Way Ryder on the Storm!