About Us

Candy Clemente

I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

I started in agility with my Pomeranian, Tanu, in 1998 after watching an agility demonstration at a dog show. Our first show was in December of 1999.

Tanu went through a lot during her agility career. Being my first agility dog, she had to learn along with me and suffer through all our experiments with different handling methods. On top of that, six months into her training, she injured her left eye, leaving her blind in that eye. In spite of that, she went on to earn many titles in agility. Then in April of ’04, a large piece of plywood fell on her during her pursuit of a mouse and dislocated her left hip. My vet was able to manipulate it back into place, but it would not stay there and she had to have the entire hip socket removed. She went through intense physical therapy and in October of that year, she returned to competition and managed to earn her second Master Agility Championship title. She is currently in semi-retirement at the age of 13. I decided I wanted to move on to a dog with a little more natural drive and got a Jack Russell Terrier. Harley Dude is his name and he was quite different to train and run than Tanu. By now I knew a little more about the game and how it is played. Harley has accomplished a lot in seven years of competition. He has taken us all around the country, competing in the AKC National Agility Championships and the USDAA Grand Prix Tournaments. And on our trips, I do enjoy spending quality time one on one with him. Harley has recently earned his Master Agility Championship 8!

Harley is so much fun that when his breeder informed me she has rebred his parents, that I had to have another and here comes Jumpin’Jack Flash. Otherwise known as “JJ”. Well, let me say, he is a challenge. He is quite different from his brother. He is very independent and pushy. His forte is acting and he is doing very well with movies, tv, and print work. He will challenge me at every turn and reprimand me for being slow or not giving him enough information. We are a work in progress.

Now we have gone in a new direction. My husband, Sam, wanted a Chihuahua and so now I am starting “JD”. His formal name is “Sam’s Shot of Jack Daniels”. Somehow I thought I had gone as small as I could until I started working with three and one half pound, seven inches tall, tough guy, JD. He is a blast and has a fan club at every show! He has earned his first title in agility!

I am also a studio trainer. My dogs have done movies, television and lots of print work, my Jack Russell Terrier, JJ, is currently on the Nutro Max Mini Chunks dog food bags and the biscuit boxes. He has been on General Hospital on ABC Television, a series on HBO/Cinemax, a couple of movies, calendars, dog clothing catalogs. JD, the Chihuahua has done calendars, stock photo shoots. My Rottweiler, Luna will be coming out on Nutro dog food soon, she had a small part in a movie and has done several calendars.

Kathryn Segura


I was brought up with animals from the day I came from the hospital after my birth. My parents lived on a ranch with 12 Golden Retrievers and horses back East. My mother was an actress and my father an artist. So they both got the Hollywood Bug and moved to the bright lights.

There were always animals in my life growing up as well as now. I started training and showing dogs in AKC shows at a very young age. I was a Junior Handler, later on I started showing and training cats as well. When I was a teenage my Shetland Sheepdog Ace was on a soap opera. That gave me the bug to train animals for film. In college I studied make-up and worked as a make-up artist and started getting calls to help Studio Trainers, to help them find and train animals for film work. The next thing I know I left make-up to be come a Studio Animal Trainer. 

After working on several TV shows, commercials and major motion pictures. I was asked to teach a course to students that wanted to train their dogs and cats to be camera ready for film work. I took some time off to teach the courses.

After that I went back to film work and then helped out with some student films and also worked on ABC’s General Hospital and their Animal Trainer/Coordinator.

I have a love for all animals as well as people. In training I believe one needs to turn a negative behavior into a positive behavior.  

Having been a studio trainer for several years, the list is quite long and interesting from television, commercials, movies like “There’s Something About Mary”, “Tortilla Soup”, “Tin Cup” , “Indecent Proposal”, and the list goes on.

I have worked with everything from dogs, cats, horses, all the way up to elephants.

Kathryn’s book – “Hollywood Barks” is a big hit!

Tim Williams


Tim Williams has been training animals for both private individuals and for the film industry since 1990. He has been specializing in aggression management and obedience for nearly eighteen years, leading to his dream of starting his own company, Santa Clarita Animals. Tim began his career volunteering with highly renowned dog trainers and at wildlife rehabilitation centers. He then went on to work for several animal training companies for the motion picture industry. That is where Tim began to broaden his horizons and work with both domestic and exotic animals. Santa Clarita Animals’ unique approach to animal training includes a system that Tim has developed through years of research and personal experience. Tim has a gift for connecting with all types animals. They respond to him almost immediately. When working with Santa Clarita Animals, you will be taught what you need to know for your animals to respond to you also. Tim, and all of the trainers at Santa Clarita Animals, will make sure you have a chance to apply what you are learning throughout the training the process.

Some of the organizations and rescues that Tim has successfully trained dogs for are:

  • Heigl’s Hounds of Hope
  • Westside German Shepherd Rescue
  • Linda Blair (Pit Bull Rescue)
  • Dogs Without Borders
  • Ashley Paige Rescue
  • Bark-n-Bitches (retail pet store)
  • Wildlife Waystation (Sunland, CA)

He has been contacted by these facilities, as well as by many other animal training companies and animal rescues, to utilize his training expertise when it comes to behavior modification on overly aggressive dogs, and other training needs, so the dogs can find loving homes.