Day: July 28, 2020

The Dog Clicker and things to knowThe Dog Clicker and things to know

Dog training is not an easy task for any owner. What should you do when you want your four-legged friend to learn an action? Order or use force? No no! Would it be better to have a way that is both simple and effective? You don’t need to be a pet trainer while you have a dog clicker. So what is a dog clicker, and is it that useful? Let’s find out.

What is a dog clicker?

A clicker is a small handheld device. As the name implies, the dog clicker has a button to make a clear sound. It works quite only. Inside is a small piece of metal, when you press the button, the piece of metal will curl up; When you release the button, it pops up and makes a clicking sound. It’s a simple and cheap device, but extremely useful in dog training.

For example, if a dog wants to know how to shake, when it places its paws in the owner’s hand, people will say whatever phrase they want. After that, reward him with something he likes to complete the task. By saying this phrase, your dog will know how to associate this sound with his reward. In dog training, this sound is called a “marker”. This is when a dog clicker appears. Instead of saying a phrase, you .just need to press the button, and this click sound will become the marker.

If you’re imagining having to use the dog clicker every time you want your dog to do something, don’t worry! Once your dog has learned new tips or behaviors, you won’t need it anymore. A dog clicker is only used during the training period.

Benefits of the dog clicker

  • Accurate, accurate communication from owner to dog
  • Teach dogs to think and control their actions gently, without using force.
  • Dogs can work for clicks.
  • Eliminate signals that disturb your commands and provide a clear, avoid-confusing message to your dog during training.
  • Contribute to making the method of training dog behaviors positive and easy.
  • Provide motivation, stimulation for dogs during training.
  • It is preventing excessive behaviors such as aggression, biting, intentionally causing attention, barking, or digging.
  • The best dog clicker can set the exact time that your dog performed the required behavior. The timing of the dog click is essential for practical training, with each task completed within the allotted time, a dog reward is required.
  • The click sound tells your four-legged friend exactly which behavior it is rewarding.
  • Highlight words like “yes”, “good”, can be used in conjunction with dog clicks. If the dog has a hearing problem, you can touch the shoulder and give a reward to praise it.
  • Faster and more accurate: Reality shows that pressing a button at the right time your dog performs a task is more rapid than saying a word.
  • Stable sound: Whenever you press the dog clicker, the sound will be the same, while the tone of your voice may change, such as when you have a cold, happy, or angry.

How many types of dog clicker?

There are many differences in all types of clicker dogs. Every kind of clicker will have different designs to suit each type of dog.

Box Clicker

A clicker box is larger than a normal clicker. These metal clickers are often used for outdoor dog training sessions. Its advantage is compact, easy to hold, and some products have a larger thumb area makes it easy to click when holding.

Standard Clicker

The second type on this list is a standard clicker. As the name implies, it’s a plastic clicker with the usual average sound. This type of dog clicker works well both indoors and outdoors, but keep in mind that it only works at short distances. It is not equipped with frills, has no volume adjustment or other extra features. It can be said that it is designed quite simply and often for those who do not require high requirements.

Soft Clicker

Next is the soft clicker. The sound of these clickers is low intensity, softer than other types of dog clickers. Therefore it is a perfect choice for small dogs or is having mental problems such as stress or panic.

Ring Clicker

This type of clicker is shaped like a ring. It is worn on the thumb for easy carrying when training many dogs. This makes each training session more enjoyable and comfortable. You will be able to wear the ring clicker while distributing the rewards without having to worry about dropping it.

Adjustable-Tone Clicker

With this dog clicker, you can easily change the click volume to suit the needs and characteristics of each dog. This is especially good if you are changing training spaces indoors or outdoors.

In conclusion

So we have learned together some information related to the dog clicker. As you can see, this is a small but beneficial dog training product. So why not choose yourself the best dog clicker and start exercising with your dog right away? I bet he would love it. Good luck.